Qualcomm • BREW Gaming • 2005 - 2007 


Qualcomm is primarily a cellphone chip manufacturer, however their BREW platform was an early enabler of mobile storefronts and application download. Our team (Qualcomm Internet Services) created demo products that we pitched to carriers and device manufacturers to showcase the advantages of the BREW ecosystem for feature phones. I developed the interactions and flows for many BREW demo apps, including a robust BREW Gaming app..

console-style engagement 

The BREW team wanted to showcase ways to increase mobile game purchases. This demo product showed an alternative to catalog-based app  download storefronts. Borrowing heavily from console game systems, the concept showcased a "play first buy later" philosophy including free game demos and a credit-based purchase system. To increase the likelihood of conversion from free demo to purchased game, some community-based features - like player challenges - were adapted to the mobile.