I create product stories and translate them into appealing designs.  

As an interaction designer, I focus on problem solving and product strategy. There are certain skills I'm known for:

  • I craft product goals that focus a team

  • I move ideas forward

  • When there's new technology I ramp up quickly on what it can offer to users

  • And I phase features effectively so that speed doesn't sacrifice quality

You can check out an overview of my career or scan my resume. If you're interested in my process take a look at my featured projects - 

From proposal to patent
I was hired by a design agency to help Cisco SF define a new mobile communications tool, codename 'Project Squared'. After, I was invited by Cisco SF to lead the interaction design of the Squared iOS app for its first launch.

A new product and a new domain
Roku is a leader in the delivery of streaming TV.  I worked on the design of their new Entertainment Assistant, which controls Roku-aware devices through voice commands.