INQ Mobile SF • Social Mobile • 2012

dynamo call to action.png

INQ Mobile specialized in packaging social data into compelling homescreen experiences for Android devices. In the second half of 2012 the SF team wondered: What if you took the same data and packaged it into a standalone, social mobile app?  I led the SF team in a user-centered design process to answer that question.

a truly agile team

Everyone was involved: design, engineering, marketing, QA. For 3 weeks we built personas, articulated design principles, sketched alternatives, and crafted a product definition that we pitched to executives. Green-lighted, the dev team started the architecture and coding. In parallel, the design team produced an action-oriented, engaging design and ran a friends-and-family user test. The whole team partnered to incorporate user feedback into product planning - for the next sprint, and for future iterations.