Yahoo! • Web Hosting • 2002 - 2004 

In the early 2000s Yahoo! was experimenting with subscription as a potential revenue stream (instead of relying solely on advertising). Our team's mandate was to "premiumize" the free Geocities webhosting property. Working very quickly, we designed a marketing site and an online ordering process from scratch. One design goal was to demystify concepts like domain names, file transfer, and email administration for the average consumer. I designed portions of the marketing site and order flow for the Web Hosting and Domains teams.

a premium brand

Data showed that if users found a domain name quickly they were much more likely to complete an order. Choose Domain pages were seeded with suggested domain names based on the user's Yahoo! ID. An overarching business goal was to gently but consistently upsell the user. During an order incremental upgrades like extra email addresses and disk space were offered. These upgrades continued to be offered after the order was complete, in the web hosting control panel.