Cisco SF • Team Video Calls • 2014

Invitation to join a team video call

Project Squared (now Webex Teams) was a new team collaboration app from Cisco SF. Aimed at small teams in large companies, the app was purposely designed with a consumer flavor. Teams created rooms where the members could message each other, or talk together real-time via video calls (aka SyncUps). For the first release in Nov 2014 I focused on the mobile Video Call UX.

join the call

Cisco generates revenue from high-bandwidth experiences. So we wanted video calls to be the new standard for team meetings - especially from a mobile device. High-quality video was paramount but so was fluidity. Users needed to be able to jump in, out, and between calls with confidence. We highlighted simple interactions like the ability to ignore a call but then join later.  See the featured project, Authenticity, which did not ship with the first release but was awarded a patent.